I am happy to show you any of these works or have you visit my studio to see additional

artworks at almost any time.

 Although I spend some months in Oregon over the course of a year, I am in Sonoma in between those times away.  You may email me at or call me at 707-996-1919 to arrange a visit to my studio.

What's New:  I have an exciting announcement!  My painting "Mariupol," painted in 2022, was accepted for an exhibition of San Francisco Bay Area art called "The deYoung Open 2023."  The Opening is September 30th and the show runs through January 7th 2024.  Please see this painting on the More Abstract Paintings, continued page under the Abstractions dropdown list above.

Artist's Statement:  I paint for the sheer joy of it!  Landscapes, Abstractions, Portraits and Figures.  Since college, where I majored in History, I have taken art classes at The Cooper School of Art In Cleveland, The Cleveland Institute of Art, Ann O'Hanlon's studio in Mill Valley CA and with Sandra Speidel in Petaluma CA, among others.


I have loved to make art in its many forms since childhood.  By now there is a storehouse of sights, ideas and feelings that manifests itself in my work.  When I am inspired by nature,  I usually paint in a more realistic way.  When I'm in the mood to paint abstractly, I allow myself to paint without a plan; just a palette of colors and a painting surface.  Then I paint like a child and respond to what emerges.  The last 20% is when intellectual considerations come into play.  References for figures come either from my mind, images online, or from photos.  Having had many years of life drawing, I find that these references suffice.

Painting is often solitary.  But at some point there is an urge to share, even at the risk that my creation won't move the viewer.  In such a case, I have to try to understand whether the painting needs work or if I have satisfied myself and should let it stand.

All of the work on these pages is for sale.  

    Landscapes and Seascapes