Gulls in Flight 11" x 14",  $250

     More Abstractions

Hot With a Touch of Cool 30"x 48", $2975

Abundance 22"x 28", $880

          Song Without Lyrics 11"x14," $800
Song Without Lyrics 11"x14," $800
Right Turn: Vertical section is 18"Wide  x 50" High; Horizontal section is 40" Wide x 14" High over the door, $2400
           "Up & Over"
The installations to the right and below are a new concept in painting (copyright 09/24/21). 

Left Turn:  Vertical section is 14"wide x 41"High; Horizontal section is 36" Wide x 16" High up over the wall track, $2400

 This illustrates another way the "Up & Over" concept can be shown, e.g. with a companion piece.